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6. Closing, April 23 - April 29 2012


Week 10
Learning Circle teachers and students complete Survey and post a goodbye message.
Official closing of the Learning Circle by facilitator. 




Goodbye Messages DG1, Agrani School and College, Bangladesh


Dear Learning Circle friends,

After all the time of work-ship and association with all of you, it is not easy, to bid GOODBYE. We have enjoyed every phases here at GTP. It was really interesting to learn things about how people in other countries deal with the GTP. All of you gave us pithy answers and we appreciate it very much. This is not a goodbye, only "hasta luego" or "see you later". Do stay in touch. Please do drop in a note with your personal contacts to our mail id (asc1957bd@gmail.com). We wish you all a happy and healthy life.









Best wishes,

Agrani School and College,

Azimpur, Dhaka - 1205,






Goodbye Messages DG2, Oxford International School, Bangladesh


Dear Friends,

We would like to say that we are very happy for all your cooperation. You have contributed to our question so nicely. We enjoyed the whole Learning circle process. We love to join again in the LC project. So, for the time being GOOD BYE to you and hope that you will be in good health and fine.


Best wishes,

DG2, Bangladesh





Goodbye Messages DG3, Lorentz Lyceum M3b, Netherlands


Dear learning circle friends,


We have enjoyed this project. In the powerpoint we have written down ou're expercience and ou're greetings.


We want to thank you all .


Best wishes,


M3B Lorentz Lyceum




Goodbye Messages DG4, Corlaer College, Netherlands


Dear Learning Circle friends,


This is the goodbye letter of DG4 from the Netherlands. First of all, we would like to let you know that we have really enjoyed this Learning Circle project.

It has been a pleasure to get to know people from all over the world. We found the introduction letters nice, especially the photos.

That gives you a better view of who you are communicating with. We found it really interesting to learn things about how people in other countries deal with the digital generation.

We learnt a lot from all the questions and answers. The learning circle gave us a better sight of what happens in the world and it keeps you open minded.

It would even be more fun if you had more personal contact, like a Skype conversation (using the web cam).

Finally, we would like to thank all of our Learning Circle friends!




Best wishes,


V3A, Corlaer College Nijkerk

The Netherlands




Goodbye Messages DG5, Vellesan College, Netherlands

Dear Learning Circle participants,


We thank you for this 11-weeks experience. Thanks for the answers, photos, YouTube films.

We have enjoyed this Learning Circle. It is interesting to read your answers. 

Working with a timeline and that we were jointly responsible for answering your questions. This was difficult for us. This was an interesting experience for us.


Best wishes,


2Mb, Vellesan College IJmuiden,

The Netherlands





Goodbye Messages DG6, Montrose Primary School (Grade 6A), South Africa


We hope we will be able to do this awesome experience again. It was wonderful talking to all your schools and countries and I hope we are able to speak again.


Untill next time, thank you and Goodbye!








Goodbye Messages DG7, Montrose Primary School (Grade 6A), South Africa


We appreciate that we grade 6 learners of Montrose Primary could have this pleasure of this opportunity and pleasure of being in this GTP English learning circle. We hope to meet again and learn much more from people from all over the world. 




Thank you and goodbye! Go well!




Goodbye Messages DG8, St Andrews JHS, Ghana

Dear friends,

All too soon the learning circle has come to an end. The learning process with you all has been very educative and fun packed. Your questions have challenged us to use the internet to its best. We have had the opportunity to learn new things from each one of you. We have never regretted being a part of your learning group. Your answer to our question shows how you have been a part of us, in learning.  We are very grateful. We thank you all for teaching and giving us some information we can use in our studies as we climb the educational ladder

We hope the friendship we have built here continuous even though we have come to the end of the learning circle.

Our Address

St. Andrews JHS A

P.O.BOX LG 429

Legon -Accra

Ghana- West Africa




Goodbye Messages DG9, GIMNAZJUM NR 8, Poland


Dear Friends!

We thank you so much for this 11-weeks experience. Thank you for your contribution, all received answers, friendly approach. We had wonderful time doing this project together with you! And fun, too.

This was also great value to discover various points of view on the same subjects!

We would love to participate in new projects like this in the future and hope to see you involved, too.

Good luck everybody!

If you feel like staying in touch with us feel free to write to my email address: chrobakurszula@gmail.com





Goodbye Messages DG10, OSNOVNA ŠOLA POLJANE, Slovenia


Dear Learning Circle partners,


We all had a great time being included in this year's Learning Circles. We have learnt a lot about your countries, ways of life, interests ... and of course about your opinions about the topic - Digital Generation. Thank you for your interesting questions and for your answers to our questions about your parents' attitude towards digital devices. They all help us to understand modern world better, to recognize some differences and many similarities between our and your digital world. We have come to the conclusion that digitalization contributes a lot to the world's globalization - as well as Global Teenager Project, which is a great way of connecting young people from different countries.


There is another valuable experience: we have also learnt a lot about ourselves, about eagerness of each individual to do his task, to do it on time, to work in a team. We know a lot about each other now.

These experiences will help us to join the following learning circles as well. So thank you all for everything!


Best regards,


DG10, Primary School Poljane







Goodbye Messages DG11, Kharkiv gymnasium №55, Ukraine


We would like to say a massive thank for your attention to our question. You gave us pithy answers and we appreciate it. We wish you an unforgettable summer and happy holidays.

Good bye.


Comments (1)

Md Ashan Habib Manun said

at 3:49 am on May 7, 2012

The following good bye message I sent on 29 th April. But unfortunately it was not posted properly. I am sorry for that.
Mamun DG2

Goodbye Messages DG2, Oxford International School, Bangladesh
Hi Friends,
It is great to join with you in the GTP project. We enjoyed so much. It was the first time for me with my students to work in online project. It is really interesting and worth learning.
We like to say good bye to you and wish you best of luck.
Ashan Habib Mamun Shakil
OIS, Dhaka

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