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2. Introductions, February 20 February 26 2012


Week 1
Official opening of the Learning Circle with the facilitator’s welcome message. Teacher and students introduce themselves by posting a Class letter, Teacher letter and a Class picture on the introduction pages. 




Links to introductions of each class














Facilitator's  Introduction:

My name is Mimoza Anastoska-Jankulovska. I come from Macedonia, small country in the middle of Balkan Peninsula in Europe. I teach Informatics and Computer science in technical secondary school. I have been working in education more than 15 years.  I am involved with online educational projects for more than 10 years now. I’m country coordinator of GTP Macedonia. My hobbies are skiing, travelling, reading, skating and playing tennis. I hope that all classes will enjoy participating and finish Learning Circles with good results. Don’t hesitate to ask my help at any time during this Learning Circle.


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